Printing on paint buckets and cans

 Printing on industrail & Bisposable containers 

 Printing on adhesive tube and tablets

Printing machine industrail & Bisposable containers

Technical Specifications published five colors (dry offset)

There are five color printing •
Speed ​​100,000 containers per hour •
Print size from within the span of 75 to 185 mm •
Equipped with two lamp UV dryer and a station booking •
Mrkbdanha unique design for simple and precise tuning Tools •
Five Sylndrkary and five-cylinder preparation time Tow •
Using specially designed in order to deliver the appropriate compound Rolling Tools •
One form of the Twelve •
Equip indexed to the drive and servo motors •
Conveyor for containers with opening 180 mm •
A conveyor to handle the containers at the outlet •
Powered by a single reflector apparatus for drying •
Feeder equipped with special mechanisms to facilitate the setting •
Astandardbray supply air unit is equipped with a vacuum index •
The minimum time to adjust and prepare for new devices •
A touch monitor for speed control, adjustable steering wheel, composite materials and tank containers •
You dining configurable colors in both directions around the cylinder and cylinder axis •
Use the tank container with 13 units of container to container 75 to 145 mm with a capacity of up to 1,500 containers •


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